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Bike Rental Services in Udaipur

Udaipur, known as Lake City's biggest tourist destination consisting of many lakes, palace, temple, museum, garden. You can enjoy it all via boarding a flight, train, or bus to the place but there is no experience such as wandering on a bike. The fun gets multiplied. If we have your affirmation on vyom bike rental in Udaipur service is here for you. So, hire a bike in Udaipur and experience it all from a new perspective.

As soon as you set the foot in Udaipur, you come across several tourists cruising away on bikes and scooters. what people to rent a bike in Udaipur. When you rent a bike, you don’t only hire that but also the freedom of where you go and when you go. Liberty that you get only when you self drive a bike in Udaipur. There is no nagging, you just get the keys to your favorite bike and begin your ride to conquer a land which is a bit distinctive from the rest of the city.

Renting Process of Vyom Bike Rental

Easy & efficient process for renting out bikes with us

Check Availability

Check if the bike you are looking for is available for rent

Set up Pic-up Point

Once the bike is selected, pick up the bike form point of your choice

Submit your ID

Provide the person with the required documents at the pickup point

Pay and Ride

Pay the money & hop on the bike to explore the wonderful mountains

Vyom Bike Rental provided

Essential Gear, spares, helmet etc. will be provided to the guest at the pick up point


Bike Documents

Spare Accessories

Riding Gear

Answer to Some Important Question Asked by the Customer

What is the rental price for bike?
The Weekdays, Weekends and Monthly charges of each bike/scooty is different depending on the model and make. Please refer to the price chart linked with each vehicle to know the exact rental price.
What is the condition of Bike provided for rent?
The bikes in our inventory are regularly serviced at our store at fixed odometer reading/time duration gap. Apart from the regular servicing, the bikes that return to our store after every event of renting is thoroughly checked-up for any minor/major defect.
What documents do I need to provide to rent a bike?
You need to possess a valid driving license, original identity card and address proof.
Can I shorten my booking after renting the bike?
No, booking of bike once handed over to the customer, cannot be cancelled or shortened. However, free cancellation is allowed 5 days prior to booking date.
Can I get the bike delivered at my location?
Yes, the bikes can be delivered (pickup and drop) at your desired location at an extra cost to be borne by customer.
Is there any capping in distance covered by vehicle on rent?
Yes, the odometer reading of the vehicle is noted at the beginning and end of the trip. The capping on odometer reading is: Bike : 250 km/day, 3000 km /month Scooty : 200 km/day, 2000 km/month Extra Charges for Over-Limit: Rs 4/km for Bikes and Rs. 3/km for scooty
How much security amount do I need to deposit?
The security deposit for Bike is Rs. 5000-10000/- depending on the model and for scooty is Rs.4000/-.
What will I get along with the bike?
You shall get the copy of Registration Certificate, Insurance of the vehicle and Pollution certificate of the Vehicle.
Can I extend my booking after renting the vehicle?
You can extend the booking dates of vehicle even after setting out on ride provided you inform us about your plan of extension well before the expiry of your booking period and the said vehicle is not already booked by any other customer.
How much money do I need to refund in case of any accident with the bike?
Minor accident covering less than Rs. 5000/- are repaired at our store at the expense of the customer. However, in case of major accident, all vehicles are insured and claimed at the service center. The customer has to bear the actual expense of repair.
Is the cost of fuel included in the rental amount of bike?
Sorry, the fuel is not covered in the rental amount. However, we do understand and provide sufficient fuel so that the vehicle can easily reach the fuel station.
What are the available modes of payment?
All UPI payment method, Paytm, Internet banking, cash are accepted.
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