Terms & Condition

Booking Policy

  1. Booking can be created for minimum 1 hour. Rates will be charged as per the tariff which will be minimum for one day
  2. In the case of Limited Km, free Km is limited to some fixed KM per hour which varies city to city and model to model. There is no KM limit on unlimited KM Plan.
  3. Extra KM charges will vary as per the model.

Extension of Booking

At the time of return
    1. If Renter didn’t inform Vyom Bike Rental before 3 hours of his end time. Normal fare*2 times will be applicable for the total hour extended by the Renter.
    2. In case the Renter informs before 3 hours of his/her end time, then booking will be extended on below conditions :-
      1. If bike is available, Normal charge will be applicable from the Renter.
      2. If bike is not available, Normal charge*2 times will be applicable for total extended hour.
At the time of pickup
  1. If Renter didn’t turn up till 2 hours from the start of his booking. Booking will be cancelled and cancellation charge will be applicable as per policy.

Modification of Booking :-

  1. In case booking is shortened before 3 hour of start of his booking. 50% of the base fare will be charged for the modified time.
  2. No Modification will be allowed once booking is started. Customer can return the bike early but no refund will be done.

Cancellation of Booking:-

  1. If Cancellation is done before 48 hours from the booking start time, 20% of the base fare will be charged as cancellation fees
  2. If Cancellation is done in less than 48 hours from the booking start time, 50% of the base fare or 1-day Rental (whichever is higher) will be charged as cancellation .
  3. If Booking is cancelled due to violation of policy, Cancellation charge will be applicable as per cancellation Policy
  4. Note:-vyom bike rental reserves the right to cancel any booking if deemed necessary.

Upgradation of Model

  1. In case of Bike model up gradation, renter needs to pay the difference amount for the upgraded model. This can be done till 3 hours before from the start time of the booking (with subject to availability of the car).
  2. Bike model cannot be downgraded once the booking is confirmed.

Delivery Collection Charges

  1. Bike has to be picked up from our hub and return to the same hub

Damage and bike conditions

  1. Renter will satisfy himself/herself of the condition of the bike, registration paper, permits and pollution certificate before the start of the rental and note down any existing damages on the rental agreement.
  2. In case of Accident, Internal or External damage to the bike during return. This will be calculated on the number of estimated days rental due to bike is in workshop or damages up to maximum liability of Rs.25000 or Insured declared value (whichever is higher).
  3. For Minor damages, it will be charged on the estimate given by Fleet team.
  4. In case of below situation, Renter will be liable to pay the damage charges in full.
    1. When Renter is found to be under the influence of alcohol/narcotics while driving.
    2. When the Renter is over-Speeding.
    3. When the Renter is in violation of traffic rules or the motor vehicle Act (for example, if the Renter has not paid the interstate tax while crossing the state border).
    4. When the number of people on the bike at the time of incident exceeds the standard seating capacity of the bike.
    5. When the workshop and/ or insurance company deem the damage to be consequential in nature (this will be stated in the accident report). Consequential damages occur when the Renter continues driving the vehicle even when it is performing abnormally.
    6. When there is misrepresentation of information in the driving license and ID proof details shared by the Renter.


  1. Deposit will be taken either by cash, Wallet or can be Pre-Authorized on Credit card (except Amex card) or will be charged from the card at the time of the pickup of vehicle. Credit card should be in the name of Renter.

Overspeeding Charges

Renter cannot drive for more than 80 Km/hr for bikes upto 150cc, more than 100 Km/hr for bikes upto 500cc and more than 120 Km/hr for bikes more than 500cc. In case speed limit is crossed, it will be treated as over speeding and below penalty will be charged.

  1. 1st Instance > INR 500 + GOVT. fines (if any) plus expulsion from Vyom Bike Rental if it happens again in the next booking.
  2. 2nd Instance > INR 1000 + GOVT. fines (if any) plus expulsion from Vyom Bike Rental.
  3. Final Instance > INR 2000 + GOVT. fines (if any) plus expulsion from Vyom Bike Rental

Other terms of Rental

  1. Documents required-:A Valid driving license and Any 1 valid Id proof (i.e Aadhaar Card, Passport Or Voter Id). No Colored Copied of any id proof will be entertained.
  2. Age limit and License-:Minimum age should be 21 years for normal bikes and 23 years for Superbikes and renter must possess a valid driving license held for min 1 year. For International customer, valid International Driving Permit will be required in addition to the original driving license.
  3. Exclusions-:All Interstate taxes, fuel cost, parking charges, toll taxes, etc. shall be borne by the Renter as per the usage.
  4. Fuel-:We do not provide fuel for the bikes however all bikes will have enough fuel to reach the nearest petrol bunk.
  5. Additional Driver-:In case additional Driver is required who is authorized to drive the bike during his journey. Renter needs to inform the same at the time of creating the booking and all his documents needs to be submitted.
  6. Breakdown-:In case of mechanical Breakdown out of the city limits, Renter will call and inform Vyom Bike Rental helpline. In case replacement can be provided, the same would be provided. In case it is deemed that getting bike repaired locally by the Renter is the best option, then will authorize the renter over email, text or whatsapp to get the bike repaired locally and reimburse repair charges to the customer. Within city limits, Vyom Bike Rental will dispatch mobile maintenance van or replacement bike or both. Rest of the terms as mentioned in the Rental Agreement.
  7. Replacements-:In case a bike is taken for maintenance, a replacement vehicle will be provided.
  8. Taxes:- Nil
  9. One way rental:- One Way rental between cities cannot be provided.
  10. Taxes:- Nil on Self Drive without fuel.
  11. Our Vehicles can be driven across Pan India. In case there is any restriction in any area/cities to drive self drive bikes. Customer are requested to follow guidelines as per the cities and Vyom Bike Rental is not liable for any booking hour loss due to such restrictions.
  12. Customer is not allowed to take Self Drive bike to other countries including Nepal, Bhutan etc. If bike is taken outside India without taking approval from Vyom Bike Rental, then entire liability will be on customer till the bike is returned.
  13. If Customer didn’t return the bike on-time, without fuel or with damages etc. Vyom Bike Rental partner is authorized to deduct the pending amount from his/her account through credit card which was given at the time of picking the bike. Customer will be informed through call/email before deducting the amount from his/her account.
  14. Vyom Bike Rental reserves all the rights to deny a vehicle to a person unfit to drive or ineligible to meet the requirements. Vyom Bike Rental reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any point of time. Renter accepts that in certain circumstances, it will not be possible to provide Renter with a Vehicle or to provide Renter with the Services he/she has reserved. In such circumstances or if we are in breach of this policy or any contract signed between us or for any reason whatsoever, Renter agrees that Vyom Bike Rental maximum liability for any losses (including any loss of profits, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity) in contract or tort will be limited to the value of the base Vehicle hire charges/fees or security deposit (whichever is low), Renter reserved during the booking confirmation process.
  15. Vyom Bike Rental only acts as an aggregator and does not own any Vehicle but the same are owned by Vyom Bike Rental partner and Vyom Bike Rental shall not be liable for any claims that may arise to the user while using the Service. Vyom Bike Rental is not responsible for the behavior, negligence, conduct, actions or inactions on the part of the Vyom Bike Rental partner that you may avail (through Vyom Bike Rental or otherwise). If customer has any complaint in relation to the Service provided, then that dispute must be taken up with the Vyom Bike Rental partner directly